The desire to own a holiday home is not just a desire to own a set of walls with a roof above…it means a lot more. The aspirations can heave a sigh of relief if you bring them to Majkhali…its just perfect.

Chilliyanaulla is just 5 km away from heart of Ranikhet. It is a thickly populated locality which serves as closest habitat for locals after the old Ranikhet town became congested to its extreme.

Ranchi has been witnessing housing so far which is just run of the mill. We could identify the gap. Our design that exudes sense of detailing and meticulous utilisation of space is a prelude of our actual offering to our Ranchi folks.

Our floors in NCR are well thought of and suits all those who want their homes at right locations, with good design and specification yet at a reasonable cost. We have various sizes to offer for folks with varying needs.