Vimoksha Valley - III
“The path to enlightenment begins here..."

At Vimoksha, a heaven by the hills, celebrate the most relaxing moments in life. its a retreat where nature and luxury are on a perennial honeymoon.. Simply surrender to the glory of nature. Be the one you always wanted to be and let the romance of the untamed nature and the luxury of the finest holiday home unfold special moments for you that go down in eternity. Embark on your voyage to discover yourself...

This tiny hamlet is a perfect locale for a classy holiday home….it has everything that you might have dreamt ever for a cherished haven…..just move into one of our homes here and you’ll start belonging to Ranikhet, to Vimoksha and to yourself…..we understand that to discover what you want the first step is to discover yourself…..come to Vimoksha..