Why Us ?  
Why Us
While you consider buying a home in the hills, here are the advantages that you can naturally enjoy by going with “TRINAYAN”………
About neighborhood:

  • The neighbors that one get when bought from us is well filtered and mostly known as we take members mostly on reference or otherwise after a long interaction. Thus you don’t get surprises in all probability.
  • The Overall gentry around one’s house are selected and are like minded as almost all of them would be from outside and willing to settle in the hills. This may not hold good incase one buys a piece of land and constructs on his/her own or through some contractors. In such events the neighbor may be a local villager/s as well and you may not be able to have a matching point of view. Thus the purpose of a hassle free life in the hills is defeated.
  • The community living offers you a backup for services, security and company as well. You don’t have to bother yourself for day to day issues related to maintenance of your house, people to serve you when you need, cleanliness of the surroundings and many more.
  • When in a community you are supported by a group of people in form of RWA which assist you in many ways in times of need.
  • No house or structure is left halfway/half constructed. We ensure to complete the houses within a premise in given time frame and if some of buyer is finding it tough to carry on with construction cost and payments, we help him/her sell the house to some interested buyer or take it back ourselves. Thus you get a completed gated community with infrastructure in place rather than a “perpetual construction site”.
  • Service and security backup is another big advantage that you enjoy without incurring huge recurring expenses on guards, caretakers and other support staffs.
  • Facilities like water supply, recreation, approach road maintenance becomes an easy affair as all these are shared by your neighbours.
About ease of acquiring land and construction:

  • We buy land for our project with care so that the next adjoining tract of land doesn’t obstruct the views etc in time to come. Same is difficult to be practiced when land is purchased in smaller sizes by an individual.
  • Acquisition of land in hills is a complicated affair if you don’t know the owners in and out. We buy land from within the area we know thoroughly and also know the people living there so that we are not duped and left on mercy of dealers and fake sellers.
  • You are aware of the layout plan of entire complex you live in. You have common green areas which would remain as it is in time to come to keep the living same as today and upto your liking. While buying individually you never know what may come up beside your house. May be a hotel or a hospital or an apartment.
  • The land requires its approach. When we buy, we make it on our own as a part of our infrastructure development for the complex but for an individual it may be little heavy on over all budget allocated towards the purchase.
  • The construction cost conveyed by a local contractor may appear to be very lucrative but when it comes to actual implementation the estimate escalates in steps and ultimately when you sum it up, gives you a surprise as it has no relevance with the sq.ft rate agreed initially. Not to talk about the adherence to time line and quality of work.
  • The house requires supporting facility like underground water tank, rainwater harvesting tank, development of plot by retaining walls, boundary walls, septic tank and soak pits etc. which further add to the total cost and this is something which normally we tend to overlook while estimating the cost of house construction when we get it done through contractors for our stand alone house.
  • The legal issues like converting agriculture land to non agriculture land, labor laws for principal employer etc. is all that we handle on our own.
  • Getting the design of house done by an architect and structural design by a structural engineer. This also has monetary implication apart from physical and mental involvement to find a right person and then arrive at a feasible design for hills.
  • At the end finding a competent contractor to execute the work and use right quality and procedure as you would not be here every time to see the progress.
About flexibility:

  • Although you’ll be buying the house from a builder but the aspirations would be all yours. We offer all possible customization for finishing items like tiles, flooring, wall colors and textures. We provide you options for all such items after thorough market survey and product reliability. Only thing you have to do is to choose something that you like. Alternatively if something else is your choice then just inform us and the same would be picked, transported and fixed without any hassle and pain.
  • We follow a policy that “you design your house”. Just sit with our architect and make him understand your concept. Rest would be taken care by us. However, this option is available till the construction has not been started on the chosen site.
  • We offer complete home making facility in such a way that you just have to make entry into your house. No botheration for arranging the house to start living and enjoying it.